What Are Egg Whites?

Egg whites are exactly that, 100% pure liquid egg whites, just as if you
cracked and separated them yourself at home. The only thing we did was to
pasteurize them to avoid salmonella. There are no additives or
preservatives, no artificial ingredients or additives. Egg whites have
a naturally light yellow color to them. You will notice this more in the
bottle than in the frying pan. Just shake up the bottle before using. Egg whites are completely tasteless and odorless.

How Can Egg Whites Be Used?

They can be prepared and eaten the same way you eat eggs today. You can use
them in baking and making pancakes or whatever you would normally use egg whites
for. They make great omelettes and scrambled eggs. Because the yolk is gone, so is the fat and the
cholesterol. Therefore, the eggs tend to be fluffier and healthier without
the yolk. They also make great smoothies and protein shakes, thanks to the
pasteurization process that has eliminated the salmonella threat from
drinking raw egg whites. See our Recipes page for more great ideas.

How Do I Measure Egg Whites?

3 tbsp of Egg Whites = 1 whole egg
2 tbsp of Egg Whites = 1 Egg White
1/2 cup of Egg Whites = 4-5 Egg Whites

Is It Safe to Freeze Egg Whites?

Absolutely! They will last indefinitely while frozen. To
defrost, put the container on a paper plate and leave it overnight. Once
defrosted, you must keep them in the refrigerator. When Egg Whites freeze,
the water separates from the egg and settles on top. Therefore, it may be
necessary to Shake the bottle well before using. We do not recommend that you re-freeze the Egg Whites if it’s not necessary.

What Is the “Shelf Life” of Egg Whites?

Our own personal tests have shown that Egg Whites, if maintained at 4 degrees c
degrees or lower in the refrigerator, stay good for 60 days, If you freeze them, they will last
indefinitely. To determine if they are good or not, the best test is to
smell them. If there is any odour whatsoever, discard them. Egg Whites have
no odour or taste.

What Is The Protein Benefit of Egg Whites?

Egg White protein is the purest form of protein known to man in the entire
world. Each 250ml carton gives you 28 grams of pure protein, only 2 grams of
carbohydrates, NO fat and NO cholesterol. They are 100% bio-available, which
means NONE of it’s amino acids are wasted. No artificial protein powder can
make that claim. Other high protein sourced foods and supplements need to be
broken down before the body absorbs the protein. All natural products have
always been the recommended way to get the nutrients your body needs.

How Are Egg Whites Separated?

The eggs are washed and placed onto a conveyor. The conveyor then cracks the
eggs, drops them into a tray with holes in it. The tray catches the yolks
but allows the Egg Whites to fall through the holes to another tray below. A
quality control person is there to clean out any broken yolks that might
fall through with the whites. There is also NSW Food Authority and HACCP programs that oversee
the entire process to ensure consumer safety.

What Is Salmonella?

More than 90% of all eggs are free of contamination at the time they are
laid. Contamination with Salmonella bacteria and with certain spoilage
organisms occurs essentially afterward. Proper washing and sanitizing of
eggs eliminates most Salmonella and spoilage organisms deposited on the
shell. Furthermore, our egg whites are pasteurized and 100% safe.

How Do You Pasteurize Egg Whites?

The Egg Whites are run through a series of heated tubes, almost like a big
still, just hot enough to kill bacteria but not enough to cook the eggs.
They are then tested for any signs of Salmonella bacteria.

What Happens To The Rest Of The Egg?

The yolks are sold to various companies that produce salad dressings, ice
cream, mayo, etc. The egg shells are sold to various companies that include
them in pet food as a calcium supplement.