Quality Assurance Systems

Icon foods take great care and pride in the preparation of its products. It is our policy to ensure that all products are prepared following our documented Food Safety and Quality Program.


To ensure the manufacture of products prepared and delivered by Icon Foods are safe and are of the highest quality, a food safety and quality program has been implemented that uses HACCP principles to ensure that potential hazards during manufacture are identified and controlled. The principles of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) are also implemented to ensure a high level of hygiene and housekeeping is maintained at all times.


The hygiene of the manufacturing site and the products we produce are monitored regularly by our microbiologist who has over 20 years in the food industry. In fact our laboratory uses the latest microbiological and chemical tests to provide rapid results on the quality of our products and operates to the highest standards for testing and good laboratory practices The laboratory provides an on-site environment for analysis and testing to assure quality and food standards for all Icon food products.


Icon Foods maintains their Food Safety and Quality Program and premises in accordance with all legislative requirements as described in the Food Act and the requirements set by the NSW Food Authority. We are seeking to continuously improve our operation through training our employees and by reviewing our systems and procedures. The management and staff of Icon Foods fully support the Food Safety and Quality Program and are committed to continuous improvement to ensure the highest standards are maintained.


Icon Foods ensures compliance to the Export Control (Milk and Milk products) orders 2005, Export Control (Egg and Egg products) orders 2005, NSW Food Safety Scheme 2019, Food Standards Code (FSANZ) and all relevant regulatory and legislative requirements.